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Students are expected to actively participate in their groups throughout the entire school year for optimal progress.

Students should receive private instruction (*in-house or outside of program-teacher of your choosing) in addition to participating in weekly band sessions upon recommendation from our instructors.  

Students should come to practice weekly, having practiced their assignments regularly at home between sessions.  Being in a band is like being on a team:  EVERYONE needs to bring their best game!  Bands just don’t happen overnight, they work hard on their music.


Students should treat each other and the instructors with respect at all times; build each other’s confidence up rather than criticize; and practice patience when the instructor is working with one person or small groups.  Failure to do so will jeopardize one’s advancement and/or continuation in our program. 


High School Students will be expected to mentor the younger (elementary & middle school age) students.  This is mandatory.  Volunteer hours will be given in exchange for his/her time.  MOP requires a minimum of 2 hours of mentoring per month.   *Ruth will assign student pairs as to not have kids choosing “favorites”; and kids will be helping DURING scheduled band rehearsal times and/or OUTSIDE of their band rehearsal time. Additional mentoring outside of MOP band rehearsals will be the responsibility of the parent and mentor if so agreed to by both parties.


Students will be expected to perform periodically throughout the year at community events.

Students will have 4 assessments during the program:

  1. Initial Assessment (*at program start)

  2. End of Fall Semester Assessment 

  3. 10th Week Spring Semester Assessment 

  4. End of Year Assessment

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