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Our Leadership 


Together, friends and music enthusiasts Ruth Wyand and Mike Dianna founded the Mustang Outreach Program in 2012.   Music Director Ruth Wyand, is an award winning, internationally touring career musician who makes her home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Ruth has been teaching music to both kids and adults in the Outer Banks for more than 10 years. For more information about Ruth, click here

As Music Director of the Mustang Outreach Program, Ruth is heavily invested and works extensively with her students, providing private lessons and leading the band sessions each week.   Her professional connections have proved to be an incredible benefit to the Mustang Outreach Program in terms of providing other talented and successful musicians to help teach and facilitate MOP bands.

Together with Ruth and other local accomplished musicians like Assistant Music Director Amanda Claire Williams, the children receive a top-notch musical rock band experience including practical instrument instruction and music theory, solo performance recording, sound engineering and stage management.

Instrument instruction currently includes voice, guitar, keyboards, drum and percussion.  


Board Of Directors: 

Shelli Gates, Acting President:

Craig Honeycutt, Secretary:

John Wright:

Holly Nettles:

Ex-officio Members:

Mike Dianna, Ex-officio President:
Amanda Williams, Assistant Music Director:

Ruth Wyand, Music Director:

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