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2023 Class Updates & Info

We are so excited to be kicking off this brand new school year with great rock n roll classes and one-on-one lessons! We are always accepting new registrations and looking forward to the unique groups that are shaped by each and every member!  New members will be placed in groups based on age and experience level. 

Starting September 11th!!!!!!!!                 New classes!!!!!     New Music!!!!!!!      New Fun!!!!!!!!!!

Want to sign up for a class? Text Ruth: 252-441-4612

                                                             Text Amanda: 252-904-8204                                                                             


MINI ROCKERS!   open to  6-8 YEAR OLDS   

Class: Thursdays

Brand new to music lessons or only attended general music classes.

try different instruments; listen to songs; learn to clap rhythms and sing melodies; understand parts of a song; learn the instruments in a band and how they work together

The Operation open to 9-11 YEAR OLDS

Class: Tuesdays

Young Rockers in a band learning how to pick music selections; how to "jam" together; stage presence; working and playing in a stage enviroment - getting ready for the big stage!

ROCK 101   open to teens 12-17

Class:  Mondays

Create a band! Learn about Music/Pop Culture History; Rhythm; experience with varied instruments and musical gear. Learn how the instruments and players work together 


​We want to keep everyone safe!

  • We must know who will be doing pick-up after each session. Text Ruth (252) 441-4612 or Amanda (252) 904-8204 to let us know any changes.

  • Please do not send your child to class if they have a headache, cough, or sore throat or if they have been around anyone who doesn’t feel well.


We are looking forward to seeing the kids and helping them make music!

If you have any questions, please email us at or reach out to Ruth directly at or 252 441-4612.




Ruth Wyand and Amanda Williams

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