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What We Do

Together with Ruth and other local accomplished musicians like Assistant Music Director Amanda Claire Williams, the children receive a top-notch musical rock band experience including practical instrument instruction and music theory, solo performance recording, sound engineering and stage management. Instrument instruction currently includes voice, guitar, keyboards, drum and percussion.  

Band Sessions are one hour long and held once a week. These sessions bring kids who are at the same skill level together to learn to play music collectively as a group.  The cost of a session is $20 per session for elementary and middle school students; and $15 per session for high school students, who also are required to volunteer at least 2 hours a month with the program. Each band meets once a week, following the Dare County Schools schedule.  In case of inclement weather where a session is cancelled, make up sessions are held.   During the summer we provide 8-weeks of band camp (*pricing varies). 

The Mustang Outreach program will provide instruments to students for temporary use until he/she is able to purchase his/her own if the child does not have an instrument at home. 

To ensure the students are learning and progressing in their craft, Mustang Outreach Program does regular assessments throughout the year.

Scholarships are available for band sessions for those who qualify.  The Mustang Outreach Program will provide a limited number scholarships annually for those who meet the North Carolina guidelines for the National School Lunch Program.


Private lessons are currently independent of the program, and are 30-45 minutes in length, once a week.  Students may choose to study with one of our instructors or take lessons outside of the program.   We do not  currently offer financial assistance for private lessons but work with another local organization who can help subsidize student costs.

Our youngest members are 8 (and in the third grade or equivalent) and the oldest are 17 (in the 12th grade or equivalent).  In addition to the professional musicians who teach, the older students are encouraged to mentor the younger ones with the goal of creating a mutual respect for one another despite the age differences, and a "pass-it-on" or "pay-it-forward" mentality.   Volunteer hours are given to these students who mentor to help satisfy their school requirements for community outreach.

Our guitar, bass and beginner drum lessons and band sessions are offered at our space in Seagate North Shopping Center in Kill Devil Hills. Lesson days and times are arranged between student and instructor.  The Mustang Outreach Program Band session days and times are set by Ruth Wyand, Music Director and Amanda Williams, Assistant Music Director.

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