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​The Mustang Outreach Program relies on financial support from those in our community (and elsewhere) who believe in the power of music and our mission to help kids make it. Your financial support will help ensure the growth and longevity of the Mustang Outreach Program, which will positively affect current and future aspiring local young musicians!

You can help by considering one of the following:

Student Sessions Sponsor - $20 per band session
Cover the cost of band session for a child for a week, a semester or a full year

Lessons Sponsor - $25 per lesson (30 minutes)
Cover the cost of private lessons for a child for a week, a semester or a full year

Band Sessions Sponsor - $100 per 5 student band session (1 hour)
Weekly band sessions develop our students' musicianship and teamwork skills

Instructor Sponsor - $1900 per month
Cover the cost of accomplished musicians to educate and mentor students

Instrument/Equipment Sponsor - $150 to $500
Cover the cost of an instrument so we may be able to provide (on loan) to a student in need or cover the cost of  purchasing new essential equipment  &  fixing equipment that has been well used

Underwrite the cost of a public concert - $500
Performing helps to build students' confidence and showcase their talents

Donate a gently used instrument or piece of equipment
Pay it forward to support students' learning by using the instrument or equipment you have just laying around

Donate your time and/or talents
Help to teach students regularly or as needed (*must complete background check)
Volunteer at our events

If you would like to donate to the organization in a way not mentioned above we are glad to speak with you to discuss other options!
For more information, please email us at

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