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2023 Summer Sessions

OBX Summer Sessions: Musician’s Workshop featuring bands and artists performing some of their favorite music, whether it is original or covers; and talking about what inspires them, how they learned to play music, and what keeps them doing it. This workshop is offered to both adults and kids, so the information shared will give something even the newest musician can understand. 

All classes will be crafted by the artist,  and give the participants the opportunity to ask questions and even try to learn techniques that the musicians demonstrate! 

Sessions will be announced as they are confirmed! 

Please scroll to bottom to register for our workshops!

                        MaryAnn & Richard Rock!

                                                         Monday, June 19- 10:30am-12:30pm            

                                   Richard and MaryAnn are siblings who have

                              been playing together in a variety

                            of settings since they were teens.

                They'll talk about their gear,

                    the work they've done to find

                    their unique sound and tones,

                 how they fit music into their

lives and how they

                       keep the good energy flowing. 

                                                                        How Music Works: Cracking The Code

                                                                        Behind The Framework of Music - Sat, July 8 at 10am

                                                                                              In this beginner-level masterclass, we'll learn the road map that exists behind                                                                                                                  all music and how to begin using it to travel to our favorite                                                                                                                                                              musical  destinations. Have you ever wondered how people can write songs or                                                                                                                know how to solo on their instrument? It's because they understand the                                                                                                                               framework and know how to use it! Suitable for players of any instrument.                                                                                                                         Don't miss this class! 2 Hours

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Each Workshop Costs $20.00

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