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2022 Summer Rock Camps

June 28 - August 4

On Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time: 1:30 PM - 3 PM

Location: At the Mustang Outreach Program Studio in the Seagate North Shopping Center in Kill Devil Hills

Price: $50.00 per week or $250 for all 6 sessions


June 28 & 30

Guitar with Jonny Waters

Rock guitar riffs and patterns, power chords, song example to demonstrate rock finger techniques ie... hammer on, pull offs, use of effect petals and looping.

July 5 & 7

Keyboards & Vocals with Amanda Williams

Understanding chords, structure ie... triads, 7ths, major, minor etc. Chord inversions, walking bass lines. Singing while playing; vocal warmups, mic placement for posture, and reference notes.

 July 12 & 14

Bass with Debo Cox

Basic fundamentals of bass. Reading bass clef, understanding and how to apply scales and walking pattens, right hand techniques.

 July 19 & 21

Drums with Dan Martier

Various ways of holding the drum sticks, understanding time signatures, how to set up and tune drums, basic rock beats & fills.

 July 26 & 28

Rhythm Section with Dan Martier & Debo Cox

How to perform backing vocals, sing harmonies. Use different chord voicing, dynamics, song arrangements and instrumental accompaniment.

Aug 2 & 4

Tech 101 with Amanda & Chris

Introduce students to the sound board, mics speakers, power amps, etc.

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